Taking Care of Business

In the fall of 2019, five student entrepreneurs were chosen to compete in Adelphi’s annual Business Plan Competition. They developed their business plans and prepared their elevator pitches, which they would present, Shark Tank–style, to a panel of judges who would award a total of $11,000 in seed money, thanks to a generous annual endowment established by Kevin Mahony ‘83, first vice president and financial advisor at UBS Financial Services, Inc.

“Sometimes When I’m Sad” Helps Young Children Cope With Sadness, Depression

Deborah Serani, PsyD, a senior adjunct professor, psychologist and award-winning author who specializes in clinical depression, is set to release her first children’s book, Sometimes When I’m Sad, on April 28. The book is a sensitive and supportive story that seeks to help young children recognize and cope with sadness. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, young children are no doubt experiencing feelings they may not know how to deal with, making the release of Dr. Serani’s book even more timely.

New York Giants: An Open Letter to Eli Manning

After watching Eli Manning’s retirement , I felt compelled to write this open letter to him, thanking him for all he’s done for fans of the New York Giants. Eli, you have shaped lives more than you realize, including mine. Growing up isn’t easy for anyone. Everyone has their own right of passage to adulthood. As you get older, you find out things about yourself that you never knew. My love for the game of football was something I found later in life.

The Mother Cabrini Conundrum

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was born on July 15, 1850 in a small town outside of Milan, Italy. She was inspired by stories of missionaries to travel the world, spreading the word of God. Due to her frail health, she was denied acceptance to a traveling religious order. She eventually started her own and was told by Pope Leo XIII to travel west to attend to the Italian immigrants in America. She built schools and cared for orphans in poverty-stricken New York City. Word had traveled of her beatin

A True Italian Brotherhood

Most often, our promise to young prospective members of Alpha Phi Delta is a vast network, a family, and a community. Organizations of all kinds promise this, but few follow through with that promise. I can proudly say that since I became a member of Alpha Phi Delta on July 31, 2015, I have felt welcomed ever since. This brotherhood became especially important to me when I received such overwhelming support for my career. This was when I learned how much of a supportive family Alpha Phi Delta could truly be.

The Decision to Become an Author

Every person faces a time in their life when they decide whether or not to pursue their dream. The fear of failure can consume one’s soul, but the amount of pain felt after giving up on your dream would be greater. I made my decision in August of 2017, while vacationing in Mexico. It was then that I decided I was going to be a published author. Almost two years later, I have successfully self-published my first novel, Finding Forever, and used my only savings to market it on Facebook.

Rome Through the Eyes of a Cabbie

Traveling to a foreign country for the first time can be a scary experience for most. There are hundreds of obstacles that could come up during a trip. These obstacles will likely include budget, transportation, and communication, which are just about the three essential parts to any trip. When planning my first trip to Italy, I decided that my first stop would be in Rome to visit my extended family. Unlike many other first-time travelers, I happened to be very lucky.